Wednesday, May 04, 2011

They Ever Been This Far?

Tap, tap, tap.

What, they burnt down Seabright Brewery?

You guys ever go out anymore?


Howdy to all of yas, miss yas.

Why do they play hockey in BB season? Be it round b ball or the other smaller round bBall (god the Gyro's sure are suckin).


Yeah bummer Larueski, Facebook has taken the Howdy clan viral! Ha! Don't much git here these days. Hey! I moved to Alameda after gettin' laid off and havin a tsunami take out most of the boatyard slips! Rockin' the Bay these days! I like it, the harbors are in much better shape, and CHEAPER! The sailin's great and I can bike to the ferry, go for a boat ride, bike to the museums and bars, Angel Island, Sausalito, and then ferry back to Alameda, and bike back to the boat. And the America's Cup's commin' soon so the boat biz will be goin' nuts. Hope you and Bernie are doin' well, Springberry? I got nuthin' but time.......
Good lord Dave, I didn't know. Wow.

Sounds like it's good for ya. Sorry to hear of the layoff . . . you workin the Alameda Harbor?

FB, I don't do.DId Martin build a Howdy FB? Where did everyone else go, Howdy wise? This place has been deader n a doornail.

No Spring Berry for us, sadly. Maybe Fall Berry.

Been a long time, I have NO idea how most of you Howdians are doing . . . best wishes to all from me n Bernie.
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