Tuesday, June 14, 2011


For you Larue....

Plenty of them at GV W-Sun.

Still rehabbing as of Tues pm.

Latest most often I've ever stayed up . . . n STILL came home with beer n liquor . . . No, I'm ok, really. WHy do you ask?

Cuz it ain't like you Cuz! Glad Grass Valley was a hoot, I'm savin' my pennies for fall berry! You goin'?
Heh, n I thot this place was dead.

Howdy DAVE!

Won't know till the week before.

But ya know I and mine are DYIN to be there, then, for all the right reasons.

Dayum we miss that camp, people, and fest.

Bless ya . . . n we miss you, too. Drop by anytime here, ya know. We'll feed ya. Bring the git, too, iff'in ya don't ind . . . ;-)
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